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Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby # 3

So about a year ago Cole asked if we were having anymore kids. To be honest, it was a confusing topic for me. I wasn't sure if we should keep our family of four just the way it was or if we should add another little one to the picture. I think most moms know when they are done or not. Me, on the other hand, I didn't have a clue. Every one that knows me knows that I can't make up my mind on anything. I go back and forth until I can't take it anymore. Anyway, Sadee was already going to be at least seven or eight years older and Aidan almost five so I needed to really think about this. When Cole and I got married, having a baby was probably one of the easiest decisions we've ever made. When I think about it the reason why it was is because Heavenly Father touched our hearts and we knew that even though I was only twenty and cole twenty-three (very young) it felt right. Aidan was a little surprise three years later and although times were the hardest for us then, he is my little angel and I am glad he is here to melt my heart( he has me wrapped around his finger).

It is so easy to get caught up in the worldly routine. Cole has always had a full time job and I know that he needs to provide and therefore will be gone most days. I love being a mom but I also love my career and job. The kids keep me way busy and I have two jobs so I was hesitant to add a baby to the picture because I wasn't sure if we should with how crazy busy our lives already are. After much thought and praying this is what I realized. I realized that Heavenly Father had bestowed upon me one of the greatest blessings I could of ever asked for... Cole Meldrum. I don' think I tell him enough how lucky I am to have him for a companion. Really. Not trying to be all " my husband is the best" but really, he is. Growing up, as young as eight, i remember praying that i would one day marry someone that would make me happy and treat me "special". Boy, did I get that and more. Cole is an amazing dad. I mean like AMAZING. Gets up at night with the baby, bathes them, changes diapers, feeds them, puts them to sleep. I mean like EVERYTHING. I just can't complain. Being a mother has been so easy because of the immense help I get from him. So I knew that if we were to have a baby, I could definitely count on him to help me ALWAYS... like he does now. I love him for that.

So this is baby # 3. Almost Five years after having Aidan. The first four months were horrible. Poor Cole. I'm surprised he didn't ask for a divorce. I was mean to him most of the time. I couldn't help it. This pregnancy took me to some weird places emotionally and mentally. Very strange. But now, that part of the pregnancy is over and I am much happier and can't believe at how soon we will be welcoming our baby girl. She's not due till mid October but i'm thinking she'll be here mid/end September. Sadee and Aidan were both a month early so I think the same will happen with this one.

At first I have to admit I had mixed emotions and being sick didn't really help me to be excited about it. But I am grateful that i am a mother and that I can bare children. So many women can't. It is such a blessing and I will forever be grateful that we have a family and that they are so special. I really have such great kids. And so now, we can't wait to be a part of this baby girl's life. We anxiously await her arrival.

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